The mass distribution of insurance payments makes it a natural fit for Ingo Money’s strategy to move consumers to digital transactions.

Insurance enables a “one to many” approach of using a single company to enable digital distribution of funds, said Drew Edwards, CEO of Ingo Money, which has partnered with Safelite Solutions, the insurance claims management unit of Safelite Group. “Enabling as many of the players in the insurance industry is critical and with consumers having choice, payments will migrate to digital,” Edwards said.

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The first thing that probably pops into one’s head at the mention of Safelite, the auto glass and claims management company, is its familiar jingle: “Safelite repair, Safelite replace.”

One probably even hums it while reading those words.

The Ohio-based company, founded in 1947, built its reputation as the company that dispatches a truck and a friendly face to wherever there’s a car with a broken windshield so that it can be fixed on the spot. In most cases, that happens without the consumer having to pay a dime, since windshield repair and replacement is covered fully by most insurance policies. Safelite processes those glass-related claims for eight of the top 10 insurers nationwide, and is paid by those insurers once a repair has been made.

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KeyBank has launched a new instant payments service with Ingo Money through Ingo Push.

The “turn-key” push payment platform — as Key describes it — lets business customers disburse funds in real-time.

“Through Ingo Money’s platform, KeyBank commercial clients will be able to quickly and easily turn slow, expensive paper checks and ACH deposits into instant, fully guaranteed funds that are immediately available in their customers’ accounts,” according to news release from Key. “Ingo Money’s network reach and intelligent routing system ensure industry leading delivery rates for these commercial clients.”

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KeyBank announced a partnership with Ingo Money launching a platform that offers payment options to businesses to disburse funds to consumers through a variety of channels, including some which deliver funds in real time. From their press release:

“Through Ingo Push, Ingo Money’s turn-key push payment platform, KeyBank business clients can disburse guaranteed funds in real-time.”

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A surefire way of annoying people is making them wait for money. That can lead to ruined friendships, strained family relations and countless arguments and frustrations. Financial institutions (FIs) and the corporate clients they serve are figuring out ways to avoid those dangers when it comes to business, and working with payment service providers to speed up disbursements to consumers.

Ingo Money and KeyBank just announced such a partnership, one designed to provide KeyBank business clients with real-time disbursements and the ability to give end customers choice in how they receive payments. Ingo Money can deliver funds to more than 4.5 billion debit, credit, prepaid and online wallet accounts, along with cash-out locations.

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Consumers can be an impatient bunch, and that becomes pretty clear when the conversation turns to insurance checks and other corporate disbursements. But what would happen if faster disbursements were combined with a (peer-to-peer) P2P service that is striving for more bank partners and customers?

That was the subject of a recent PYMNTS interview with Drew Edwards, CEO of instant money network Ingo Money, and Lou Anne Alexander, group payments president of the bank-owned Early Warning, which itself owns the digital P2P payments network Zelle.

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Agreements with and Ingo Money digitize last mile merchant settlement for instant money transactions

HOUSTON, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Paysafe, a leading global payments provider, announced today that it will begin offering same day settlement in mid-July to small business merchants based in the U.S. It will do this through partnership with LLC, a small business products and services platform, and instant money technology company, Ingo Money. This latest customer offering in the U.S. supports its ongoing focus in the North America region where it has identified significant growth opportunities and reinforces its commitment to providing its customers with industry-leading tools.

Through this new dual collaboration, Paysafe will be able to remove the wait typically experienced by merchants when dealing with the traditional interchange system and offer a solution that enhances the merchants’ traditional funding window from days to minutes. Merchants will also be able to leverage Ingo Money’s push payments technology to unlock same day settlement of fully guaranteed funds, saving them time and money. In the near future, they will also be able to access the complementary ‘small business product and service bundle’ to be rolled out by

Todd Linden, CEO of Paysafe North America said: “This offering is designed to provide a significant competitive advantage to our existing merchants and those outside of the Paysafe network seeking a processing partnership that offers proven cash flow products. This dual partnership is a testament to the highly-evolved Ingo Money technology platform, and’s ability to leverage their extensive knowledge of the acquiring industry.”

Ingo Money has funded more than $15 billion in instant transactions through one of 25 gateway endpoints. Ingo Money CEO Drew Edwards commented: “Ingo is the first push payments technology company, and our experience, technology and success rate are years ahead of our competitors. Applying these advantages to same day merchant settlement is aligned with our mission to provide consumers and small businesses with instant access to their funds. We are excited to work with Paysafe to deliver a competitive advantage to their merchant base of small businesses.” served as a project coordinator between the three companies in determining implementation guidance, sales strategies and timelines for deployment. Their expertise is proven through their four-year partnership with iPayment Holdings, Inc. (iPayment), Paysafe’s wholly owned subsidiary, where they served to increase retention and provide incremental revenue for merchants.

Bill Wade, CEO of stated, “The market today demands acquisition and retention strategies based on tangible competitive advantage. Same day settlement is an additional product that complements the business services that already supports for iPayment.”

The news follows the close of Paysafe’s acquisition in June 2018 of iPayment Holdings, Inc. (iPayment) , a U.S. based provider of payment and processing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, generating processing volumes of over $25 billion in 2017 from more than 137,000 merchant customers across the country.

About Paysafe
Paysafe is a leading global provider of end-to-end payment solutions. Its core purpose is to enable businesses and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly through industry-leading capabilities in payment processing, digital wallet and online cash solutions. Delivered through an integrated platform, Paysafe solutions are geared toward mobile-initiated transactions, real-time analytics and the convergence between brick-and-mortar and online payments. With over 20 years of online payment experience, a combined transactional volume of US $56 billion in 2017 and approximately 3,000 employees located in 12+ global locations. Paysafe connects businesses and consumers across 200 payment types in over 40 currencies around the world. For more information, visit

About Ingo Money
Ingo Money is the instant money company. Founded in 2001 with a mission to digitize the paper check, our push payments technology enables businesses and banks to disburse instant, safe-to-spend funds to more than four billion consumer debit, prepaid, credit, private label credit and mobile wallet accounts. This transformation of traditional payments helps businesses reduce cost and delays while dramatically improving the consumer experience. Headquartered in Atlanta, you can learn more at, or follow us on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Founded in 2008, specializes in aggregating and integrating best-in-class software and services for small businesses through its proprietary platform environment. Through both direct acquisition and channel partnerships with partners such as iPayment and Paysafe, this platform allows over 140,000 small business to access and manage multiple products from one integrated dashboard and billing platform. For more information on, please visit or email

PR Newswire:

A new partnership announced today (June 20) between Paysafe, instant money firm Ingo Money and is all about ending that wait by offering same-day settlement to U.S. small business merchants. The instant payments push will support efforts to give SMBs access to funds the same day they are paid, accelerating cash flow and expanding merchants’ options to run their businesses absent those cash flow frictions.

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When Prelude Software was getting its start 30 years ago, fixing payments for insurance carriers meant solving for what EVP Bill Clausen called a “benign but important request,” which was finding a way to switch from pre-printed check stock to blank check stock.

In a conversation with Karen Webster, Clausen noted jokingly that this may now seem almost quaint, but 30 years ago it was the cutting edge of cost saving innovation for firms. And for Prelude Software, it was an important starting (but not ending) point for their wider world of moving the very paper-based world of insurance payments into the digital era.

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Think of it as the last mile. Not trucking, packages or logistics. Not a white-glove service that gets furniture assembled in the bedroom or living room. This is the last mile of payments, where a push can get funds where they need to go — literally. This is without friction or delays, and where consumers, borrowers and businesses receive funding 24/7, in the ways they want and on demand.

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