Transform Payments Instantly With Our Smart Money Movement Solutions.

Transform checks and cut the wait, providing customers and businesses with money in minutes.

Transform Mobile Deposit

Businesses and people continue to write trillions of dollars in checks each year. Why let customers cash them with your competitor? Capture incremental revenue through fee-based check cashing and instant deposit services offered in your mobile, branch and ATM channels. We underwrite, assume the risk and enable you to give your customers instant, guaranteed funds - all in a matter of minutes.

Grow Revenue with Push Payments for Business

Get in the push payments game with Ingo's turnkey, white-label platform. It's everything you need to offer the industry's most robust push payment network to your customers, enhancing your service offerings and expanding revenue lines. Our PCI-compliant interface can be branded for recipient payment data collection but hosted by Ingo Money to get you to market, fast.

The New Standard for Acquirers: Same Day-Every Day Settlement

Innovative merchant acquirers are partnering with Ingo Money to offer market-leading same day-everyday settlement options that benefit everyone. Accelerate merchant cash flows and get to market fast. Our partnership with can show you how. Find out more.

Customer Benefits: Accelerate merchant receivables to improve cash flow
Merchant Acquirer Benefits: Grow revenue and boost customer retention

With a simple integration to our Ingo Push instant money solution, you can transform slow ACH settlements into a real-time, daily settlement every single day—even weekends and holidays.

Transform cash flows with real-time same day merchant settlements

  • Pay merchants 1–3 days faster than traditional merchant settlement
  • Provide daily settlement every day, even weekends and holidays
  • Intelligent routing and redundant reach to Visa, Mastercard and other debit networks to provide industry-leading transaction success rates to deliver your merchant payments as promised
  • Implement fast with a single integration: consolidated built-in bank sponsorship, security, compliance and settlement

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"Ingo Money has a mature and sophisticated push payment service"

-Bill Sheley Head of Global Push Payments, Visa


When borrowers need funds fast, trust Ingo Money for ubiquitous, instant reach with same-day settlement and reporting services.

Fund Personal Installment Loans, Instantly

You offer your borrowers an easy online application and even fast decisioning. Now you can offer them the same modern, instant experience for loan funding with Ingo Push. Forget the check, and fund personal loans instantly to almost any debit, prepaid, credit card or mobile wallet account, including retail cash disbursement options.

Our hosted, PCI-compliant interface can get you to market fast with a branded interface for capturing consumer payment information and preferences.

In times of need your customers demand access to cash, fast. With Ingo Push, you won't have to make them wait for a check in the mail.

Send Money to Your Customer's Destination of Choice

Modernize your customer experience and stay ahead of your competitors by providing your customers instant funds disbursement to the account of their choice.

Easy, Compliant, and Fast

The Ingo Push solution plugs directly into your existing app and offering. We handle everything - compliance, settlement, communication. Just drop it in and go!

Instant Money As A Service is a turnkey solution for all your money movement needs. Let's work together to deliver instant money. We offer partners robust support and opportunities to build new revenue streams.

Integrate Our Solutions into Your Offerings

Looking to expand your product to deliver instant money? Integrate our platform into your product and help your customers transform cash, checks and ACH into real-time digital funds. From any source to any destination.

Resell or Encourage Clients to Use Our Solutions

Want to help your customers turn slow, expensive paper checks and ACH into real-time digital funds? Our platform is helping companies modernize the customer experience by providing instant funds disbursement to the account of their choice.

Get Added to the Ingo Instant Payments Platform

Interested in being a part of our growing network of instant money destinations? Let's talk.

Use Ingo Money for Account Funding

Want to digitize cash or checks into your mobile wallet or payment option? Ingo is instant money in a single integration.