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<p><strong>Atlanta </strong> &ndash; <a href=”https://ingomoney.com/” target=”_blank”>Ingo Money</a> announced that more than 100,000 consumers have enrolled in its consumer-direct, mobile account funding network, Ingo&trade; Money, which enables consumers to receive immediate, guaranteed funds from approved checks. The company is a provider of recurring, instantaneous, guaranteed funds technologies for financial institutions and prepaid card providers.</p>
<p>More than 95 percent of enrolled consumers have registered since the commercial launch in October 2013, supported by direct consumer marketing conducted with select Visa&reg; Prepaid card programs. Enrollment growth continues to accelerate, demonstrating a high level of consumer interest in, and demand for, instant access to check funds via prepaid card load transactions.</p>
<p>The Ingo&trade; Money app is a consumer-direct mobile application available for free download on the Apple&reg; App Store or Google Play&trade; store or through card provider mobile banking apps via an embedded software development kit. With the Ingo Money app:</p>
<li>Users can scan a check with a mobile device and, for a small percentage of the total check value, receive instant access to &ldquo;Good Funds&rdquo; on approved checks;</li>
<li>Alternatively, users can scan a check and have it processed and loaded to their card in ten days at no cost if the check does not return within the ten-day period;</li>
<li>Check funds are deposited to user accounts via payment network credit transactions originated by First Century Bank, N.A., and are available immediately to spend, pay bills or transfer to others without the risk of reversal.</li>
<p>If checks fail to clear or are returned after funds are deposited to user accounts, the loss is borne by Ingo Money, protecting users and their issuing financial institutions from any risk or obligation on returned checks.</p>
<p>&ldquo;Today, consumers receive more than 5 billion checks per year, and many of them desire immediate access to their check funds,&rdquo; said Drew Edwards, founder and CEO of Ingo Money. &ldquo;Ingo Money enables consumers with eligible prepaid and debit cards to deposit check funds from virtually any check into their accounts instantly, irreversibly and conveniently to meet their financial obligations. This important consumer service can also generate revenue for financial institutions and alternative financial services providers and serve as a powerful motivator for new customer acquisition.&rdquo;</p>
<p>Ingo Money first launched its mobile remote deposit capture platform in January 2012 for its Enterprise Solutions clients. Ingo&trade; Enterprise Solutions offers check approval and guarantee services to organizations with the independent regulatory authority to clear and settle checks, extending its &ldquo;Good Funds&rdquo; services to millions of consumers. Ingo&trade; Network Solutions, operated in conjunction with First Century Bank, N.A., provides a payment network-based account funding infrastructure especially conducive to prepaid card programs.</p>
<p>Across its business lines, Ingo Money provides mobile check funding services for financial institutions, alternative financial services providers and dozens of prepaid card providers, including several of the premier prepaid card providers in the U.S.: AccountNow, ACE Cash Express, InComm&rsquo;s My Vanilla Prepaid Visa&reg; Card, H&amp;R Block Bank and RushCard, among many others.</p>
<p>Ingo Money has achieved qualified approval rates exceeding 85% while supporting check transactions for all of its participating card programs&rsquo; enrolled cardholders across pre-printed payroll and government (PPG) checks, two-party personal checks and a wide variety of institutional and specialized check types: money orders, cashier&rsquo;s checks, handwritten payroll checks, insurance checks, rebate checks and most other check types. PPG checks represent 37% of check items submitted by Ingo Money app users, demonstrating the effectiveness of Ingo Money in meeting the account funding needs of cardholders who are unable or unwilling to enroll in direct deposit. Users choose to pay for instant access to funds on more than 80% of check transactions submitted.</p>
<p><strong>About Ingo Money</strong></p>
<p>Ingo Money, Inc. facilitates the acceptance of consumer funds from a variety of monetary instruments to originate immediate, non-provisional funding for bank accounts, payment cards and mobile wallets. The only technology solution of its kind in the marketplace, Ingo Money services are essential to providing a convenient source of recurring funds for any payment platform to fuel the consumer adoption of new and existing digital payments. The instantaneous and non-provisional nature of Ingo Money funding transactions means that, regardless of their source, deposited funds are &ldquo;Good Funds,&rdquo; available to spend by the account or mobile wallet owner in minutes without risk of future reversal.</p>
<p>Ingo Money owns and operates two lines of business. Ingo Money Network&trade;, operated in conjunction with First Century Bank, N.A., is a consumer-direct mobile remote deposit capture network accessible on iOS and Android devices via mobile application and embedded SDK. Ingo Enterprise&trade;, a commercial white label solution, enables banks and alternative financial services (AFS) providers to make immediate, non-provisional &ldquo;Good Funds&rdquo; available to their customers. Today, nearly three million consumers have used the company&rsquo;s technology to access &ldquo;Good Funds&rdquo; from thousands of bank branches and AFS locations, ATMs, kiosks and mobile devices across the United States.</p>
<p>Headquartered in Roswell, Ga. (and operating a data center and two risk management centers in Georgia), Ingo Money serves many of the largest financial institutions, AFS providers and payment networks as clients.</p>
<p>Learn more at <a href=”https://business.ingomoney.com/”>ingomoney.com</a> or contact Chez Echeverri at <a href=”mailto:chez@ingomoney.com”>chez@ingomoney.com</a></p>