Atlanta Ingo Money, Inc., a provider of recurring, instantaneous, guaranteed funds technologies for financial institutions, prepaid card providers and digital wallet platforms, and Advance Financial, a progressive leader in consumer retail financial services, announced a partnership to launch, Ingo™ for Advance Financial, a co-branded, consumer-direct mobile application to digitize check cashing transactions.

The Ingo for Advance Financial app will be available before the end of the year for free download on the Apple® App Store or Google Play™ store. With Ingo for Advance Financial:

  • Users take a picture of a check with their smartphone and, for a small percentage of the total check value, receive full and irreversible access to their money in minutes on all approved checks;
  • Alternatively, users can choose to fund their card in ten days at no fee;
  • Approved check funds may be deposited to any eligible prepaid card account participating in Ingo Money;
  • Funds are available immediately to spend, pay bills or transfer to others without the risk of reversal.

If checks fail to clear or are returned after funds are deposited to user accounts, the loss is borne by Ingo Money, protecting Advance Financial and their users, as well as their users’ card providers and issuing financial institutions, from any risk or obligation on returned checks.

“Advance Financial is a trusted and reliable financial services provider to thousands of consumers and small business owners, and is among a growing group of recognized industry leaders embracing mobile technologies to provide customers with more cost effective and convenient options for accessing their money,” said Drew Edwards, founder and CEO, Ingo Money. “I am very pleased and honored that Advance Financial has partnered with Ingo Money to deliver this new and ground-breaking mobile service to its customers.”

All Advance Financial customers will be able to enroll in the service. Those without an eligible card can acquire an Insight Visa® Prepaid Card from any Advance Financial store and, immediately following card activation, use the service to fund their account and begin making purchases or paying bills. The co-branded mobile platform will support check transactions for Advance Financial customers ranging in value from $5 to $2,500 across pre-printed payroll and government (PPG) checks, two-party personal checks and a wide variety of institutional and specialized check types: money orders, cashier’s checks, handwritten payroll checks, insurance checks, rebate checks and most other check types.

“The new Ingo for Advance Financial mobile app will make it easier for our customers to access basic check cashing services and fund their prepaid cards at lower cost and in less time, wherever it is convenient for them, while improving our operational efficiency,” said Mike Hodges, Chairman, Advance Financial. “We look forward to bringing this new service to market in the next several weeks.”

Under the terms of service provided by First Century Bank, N.A. and Ingo Money, Inc., any identity-verified consumer in the United States with an eligible card account and a smartphone may enroll to use the Ingo for Advance Financial mobile service.

About Ingo Money

Ingo Money, Inc. facilitates the acceptance of consumer funds from a variety of monetary instruments to originate immediate, non-provisional funding for bank accounts, payment cards and mobile wallets. The only technology solution of its kind in the marketplace, Ingo Money services are essential to providing a convenient source of recurring funds for any payment platform to fuel the consumer adoption of new and existing digital payments. The instantaneous and non-provisional nature of Ingo Money funding transactions means that, regardless of their source, deposited funds are “Good Funds,” available to spend by the account or mobile wallet owner in minutes without risk of future reversal.

Ingo Money, Inc. owns and operates two lines of business. Ingo™ Network Solutions, operated in conjunction with First Century Bank, N.A., is a consumer-direct, mobile account funding network accessible on iOS and Android devices via mobile application and embedded SDK. Ingo™ Enterprise Solutions is a commercial platform that enables banks and alternative financial services (AFS) providers to deliver immediate, non-provisional “Good Funds” services to their customers through any servicing channel.

Headquartered in Roswell, Ga. (and operating a data center and two risk management centers in Georgia), Ingo Money serves many of the largest financial institutions, AFS providers and payment networks as clients.

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About Advance Financial

Family owned and operated, Advance Financial (AF) is a full-service financial center. The company, founded in 1996, has grown to include more than 600 employees in 56 locations throughout Tennessee, with more growth planned for the next year. AF offers more products than any of its competitors, with an emphasis on convenience and service to its customers.

AF provides one-stop, immediate solutions for money services. The company offers the most convenient service in the marketplace with locations open 24/7, 365 days a year. AF’s processes are more streamlined than its competitors to ensure quick service, while still concentrating on the needs of its customers.

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