New turnkey solution gives businesses everything they need to quickly and easily begin offering real-time corporate disbursements through Visa Direct

ATLANTA, Dec. 13, 2018 — Instant money company Ingo Money today launched Ingo Money QuickConnect, a new turnkey solution that allows any company issuing disbursements to customers to quickly and easily begin offering push-to-card payments through Visa Direct. Designed to help merchants, corporations, banks and others accelerate the deployment of Visa Direct-powered real-time corporate disbursements, the new solution includes: bank sponsorship, user authentication and account verification tools, intelligent payment routing, and more.

A recent Aite group study found that of customers that want to be paid instantly, 80 percent prefer direct-to-card payments1. With Ingo Money QuickConnect, companies can quickly and easily meet this demand by turning slow, expensive paper checks and ACH payments into real-time digital funds that can be pushed to a customer’s card in real-time.

“There has been significant growth in push payments driven by increased customer demand for instant access to funds,” said Cecilia Frew, senior vice president, Head of Visa Direct North America, Visa. “We are excited that Ingo Money, one of our first enablement partners, is helping to maximize Visa Direct’s capabilities to create a seamless, integrated push payment solution for end-users through Ingo Money QuickConnect.”

Ingo Money QuickConnect offers a complete integrated payment solution in a box, including:

  • Bank sponsorship: Choose from multiple operational acquiring bank sponsors;
  • Routing Intelligence: Intelligent routing and automatic re-routing via redundant endpoints to maximize speed and reliability;
  • User authentication and account verification: Configurable tools for transaction safety and security;
  • Integration flexibility: Optional iFrame, fully-branded SAAS solution or simple API integration;
  • Aggregated settlement: Cross-party reconciliation services and a single, integrated pre-staged settlement to simplify reconciliation;
  • Reporting: robust, customizable transaction reporting capabilities.

“Ingo Money QuickConnect allowed us to get to market faster than we ever believed possible and with minimal time, cost and hassle,” said Sam Verrill, Director of Product Management, OnDeck. “The solution has thoughtfully solved for all the pain points and hurdles to deploying a new payment solution, making it quick and easy to begin delighting customers and cutting costs with digital real time disbursements.”

“We’ve heard time and again from customers that they need to deploy a push-to-card payment solution but are intimidated by the time and effort required,” said Ingo Money CEO Drew Edwards. “Ingo Money QuickConnect removes the burden and allows a company to almost immediately begin offering real-time payments through Visa Direct, while retaining the ability to easily expand the solution later to include payments to online wallets like PayPal and Amazon or even cash out Moneygram locations.”

1 Aite Group, The Instant-Money Economy: Making Business to Consumer Disbursements Faster (September 2018), 23

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