Silicon Valley, step aside — the nation’s new fintech leader is here, and it’s not in California. In recent years, Atlanta has been growing its fintech scene with a palpable intensity, threatening to supplant traditional financial epicenters like London and New York City. Altanta’s fintech fervor is increasing so much so that the city has earned the nickname “Transaction Alley,” owing in particular to its large community of payment processing tech companies like Global Payments and Worldpay.

While Atlanta is home to many massive financial leaders, there are plenty of fintech startups also making a stand such as Greenlight, which has created a debit card specifically for kids that enables parental control and real-time tracking. Altanta’s fintech ecosystem spans countless financial sectors, including cryptocurrency and real estate, boasting companies backed by valuations of millions — and even billions — of dollars. Here’s a look at 23 fintech companies in Atlanta bringing the South to the forefront of financial innovation.

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