There’s a growing awareness among businesses that when it comes to disbursements, we’re moving into an era where consumer choice is king. In much the same way that customers have a slew of options these days when it comes to paying a bill, they also expect to have a choice of alternatives when it comes to getting paid. The trouble is that businesses often misunderstand what really counts as a disbursement choice, Lisa McFarland, Ingo Money’s executive vice president and chief product officer, told Karen Webster in a recent conversation.

“A lot of businesses think they offer choice because they offer check payments and ACH,” McFarland said. “For some customers, that’s not a choice at all.”

She noted that many consumers lack bank accounts, don’t have their routing or account numbers on hand or merely prefer using PayPal. Those clients can feel left out in the cold by the binary choice of getting paid by check or ACH, McFarland said, as neither really works for them in a friction-free manner.

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