We’re ticking down toward the end of a year that defies adjectives at this point. In the financial services space, there have been pandemic-fueled developments as well as dramatic business model accelerations. And as the dust settles and the 2021 predictions are rolling in, Ingo Money CEO Drew Edwards told Karen Webster that after the powerful boost instant payments got this year, 2021 is looking like the year they will evolve into their 2.0 iteration.

“It’s now into second-gen products with real adoption, and the market’s beginning to take it seriously in a broader sense,” he said. “And at the end of the year, the data says everybody wants three things: certainty, speed and choice.”

Instant payments, he said, aren’t the genuine article unless all three are available — and he predicts that 2021 will be the year that the entire economy starts to adopt them.

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