The federal government is not exactly the poster child for modern payments distribution. It’s a fact that the last year – and two rounds of direct stimulus payments to consumers – has made quite clear. As it turned out, paying out stimulus funds to hundreds of millions of Americans in short order was an incredibly heavy lift. The fact that the government needs to immediately modernize its payments capabilities is something that everyone knew, according to Ingo CEO Drew Edwards – but what has escaped the conversation is the need to identify the actual core problem.

“The big Achilles heel right now between the government and modernizing its disbursements is the lack of digital engagement with citizens,” Edwards noted.

It’s not that the government lacks information about citizens. They know addresses, Social Security numbers, names, earnings, dates of birth and more. And if you were to ask, the government would likely affirm that it’s offering citizens payment choice when it comes to disbursements: check or ACH.

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