Pay Anyone Instantly With Our Smart Money Movement Solutions

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Offer your treasury customers a real-time push payment solution using our turn-key bank-branded instant money service.

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Gig Economy
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Grow loyalty and boost revenue with real-time payment to any account.

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Boost loyalty and ditch the wait with real-time claim payments to any customer account.

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Instantly fund loans and collect payments using our turn-key instant money service.

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Merchant Acquirers
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Offer market-leading same day-everyday settlement options that benefit everyone.

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Send rebates, rewards and cash back in real-time through a simple API.

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Integrate Our Solutions into Your Offerings

Looking to expand your product to deliver instant money? Integrate our platform into your product and help your customers transform cash, checks and ACH into real-time digital funds. From any source to any destination.

Resell or Encourage Clients to Use Our Solutions

Want to help your customers turn slow, expensive paper checks and ACH into real-time digital funds? Our platform is helping companies modernize the customer experience by providing instant funds disbursement to the account of their choice.

Get Added to the Ingo Instant Payments Platform

Interested in being a part of our growing network of instant money destinations? Let's talk.

Use Ingo Money for Account Funding

Want to digitize cash or checks into your mobile wallet or payment option? Ingo is instant money in a single integration.