How do you see demand for faster and digital disbursement methods changing as more millennials and members of Generation Z enter the U.S. workforce?

“Given how millennials and Gen Z have grown up with digital devices that allow for on-demand everything, including communication, entertainment, shopping and more, there is no doubt that their expectations for faster and digital disbursement methods will contin-ue to grow.

[They think] ‘If I can use PayPal or Venmo to pay my friend back instantly, why can’t my employer pay me now, just as fast?’ …

Businesses and banks have a prime opportunity to meet the instant gratification expectations of these younger consumers through real-time digital dis-bursements, but to win they will need to do more than just offer [them].

The key to success, given these consumers’ daily experiences using Apple, Amazon and Google [offer-ings], will be to deliver a great customer experience. The process to receive instant funds should be easy, simple and delightful, giving [users] choice in where to receive their funds. … Millennials and Gen Z want to pay and be paid on their own terms. If companies can’t deliver on this expectation, these consumers will be the first to look elsewhere for a challenger who can.”

Drew Edwards
CEO at Ingo Money

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Table of Contents

    A look at the latest news in the space, including why universities are upgrading to ACH disbursements while legal firms still rely on paper checks
    An interview with Sherry Rossiter, bursar at Ohio University, on why the institution is continuing to offer check disbursements despite direct deposit’s popularity among students
    The most recent disbursements headlines, such as health insurance startup Oscar Health’s new online portal for enhanced claim payouts and why check fraud remains a top concern for SMBs
    An in-depth exploration of the methods U.S. universities use to disburse funds to students, and why legacy disbursements hurt both sides of such transactions
    A look at the top companies in disbursements, including two additions: BLIK and Worldpay
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