Powering the Instant Money Economy, From Any Source To Any Destination.

Pay anyone, anywhere for anything in an instant with real-time, secure funding to more than 4.5 billion consumer accounts, plus cash disbursement. From technology and support to user experience and administrative interfaces, unlock everything you need to realize serious savings and deliver payments with complete confidence.

Ingo Push is instant money in a single integration. Get to market fast with our Visa Direct QuickConnect solution

Ingo Push API Service

Implement a single API to tell us who to pay, how much to pay and what account to pay. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Optional plugins for capturing PCI-compliant account data in your own UX over web and mobile platforms
  • Multi-use account tokens make recurring payments quick and easy
  • Pull API also available to collect loan payments with tokenized card
Ingo Push SaaS Platform

If you’re looking for push payments in a box, we’ve got you covered. Our modular components and custom workflows and rules allow you to support your own payment process or outsource disbursements altogether.

  • Originate disbursements via API, batch file or web interface
  • Distribute branded email and text notifications to recipients
  • Capture payment preferences and account details in a secure, mobile-responsive payment claim center
  • Monitor payment status and access custom reports in our Payments Administration Center
  • Pull API also available to collect loan payments with tokenized card

Support your brand, configure your experiences, authenticate recipients and process payments through a single platform designed for large enterprise organizations.


Ingo Push iFrame

Use our iFrame service for a secure PCI-compliant option with tokenization. We've got you covered with real-time payment transaction processing and daily settlement.

  • Plugins for capturing PCI-compliant account data in your web and mobile platforms
  • Recipient risk screening and account verification
  • Instant payments to cards, mobile wallets and cash pick-up locations
  • Cross party reconciliation and daily settlement
  • Pull API also available to collect loan payments with tokenized card

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Instant Money Economy

Eliminate the delay and risk of check deposit for your customers with check cashing services that turn their checks into instant, guaranteed funds immediately available to pay bills, make purchases or withdraw at an ATM.

  • Mobile Check Cashing: Our SDK, API and branded app services transform mobile deposit capture and provide your customers with risk-free access to their money in minutes right in their account
  • Branch & ATM Check Cashing: API, middleware and web POS platforms enable check cashing in stores and at ATMs so you can serve your customers in any channel they choose

For your customers

  • Cash most check types up to $5,000 on mobile and $500,000 in branch
  • Get money in minutes for a fee
  • Get money in 10 days for free if the check isn’t returned in 10 days
  • Guaranteed funds are as good as cash and safe to spend

For your business

  • Industry-leading approval rates ensure excellent service and maximize revenue
  • Ingo’s funds guarantee protects you and your customers from the risk of returned checks
  • Flexible integration options for mobile, branch and ATM channels
  • Account funding via push payment requires no direct integration
  • Bank-sponsored service option requires no special licensing

With the swipe of a card you can turn cash into real-time, digital deposits and payments. Accept cash at your register and originate push payments using our simple API or web POS platform, giving your associates the ability to process transactions in seconds so your customers can move on with their lives.

Boost Foot Traffic

Benefit from card issuers sending people to your store and capturing added sales

Super-Efficient Processing

Avoid lines with speedy transactions

Fee Revenue

Get paid for saving your customers a lot of time, money and hassle

Fund Almost Any Card

Push funds to nearly 4.5 billion domestic debit cards, prepaid cards and bank-issued and private label credit cards - most in real time or same day

Ingo Money connects and powers leading brands

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